Retrocruiser History

Harley Davidson 1903 was our inspiration...

First Harley Davidson #1

The first Harley Davidson #1

William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson bild their first Harley Davidson® motorcycle. It was a motorized bicycle with a 3-1/8 inch bore and 3-1/2 inch stroke.

January 2020

First Retrocruiser #1

Founding of the Retrocruiser shop

Inspired of William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson and the fascination of classical and old school bikes we founded the in Thailand to producing and selling motorized bicycles.

April 2020

3D design of the Retrocruiser

Corona/Covid 19 bring our business down

After the tourism in Thailand go totally down and we havent enough customers on our daily business but we have enough time to stay in the office and in this time we start to design and developed 3D models of the Retrocruiser. 

September 2020

3D printed Retrocruiser

We change our business 

We changed our business to rescue the company in two categorys. First we become reseller from Bike Berry for Motorized Bicycles in the USA. And second we changed our main business to design and make just modells of the Retrocruiser and classical bikes with our 3D printer.

Oktober 2020


Launch at Kickstarter

To support the development and the production of ou our motorized motorbike models we start to found it with Kickstarter. It was 103% founded but it was not so much people that we hope.

November 2020

Retrocruiser Sport Edition

Retrocruiser Sport Edition

With the Kickstarter money we developed to the Retrocruiser Classic the Retrocruiser Soprt Edition with the sport frame, spring fork and sportive seat and handlebar so that it looks like a classic Track Board Racer or a Cofe Racer.
  • 113/66 Moo 5 - Na Kluea 14 
  • 20150 Pattaya - Banglamung
  • Thailand

  • 113/66 ม.5 - นาเกลือ 14
  • 20150 พัทยา - บางละมุง
  • ประเทศไทย 
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Since the corona crisis we changed our main business from selling motorized bicycles to design and producing motorbike models with our 3D printer in dimension 1:7  

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